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Slim Recycling Bins & Lids

Our Slim Recycling Bin comes complete with 2 handles and wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

They are stackable for easy storage and transportation. Supplied with waste Identification Stickers.

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Discover the efficiency of our Slim Recycling Bin & Lids, tailored for the unique demands of the hospitality industry. Raise your waste management game with these practical solutions designed for functionality and convenience.

Our Slim Recycling Bin is a game-changer, featuring two handles and wheels that ensure they are easy to move around. This user-friendly design allows for easy transportation, making it the ideal choice for your dynamic hospitality space.

Stackable for efficient storage, our bins are made with space optimisation in mind. This innovative feature ensures that you can make the most of your storage area without compromising on capacity or accessibility.

Each bin is supplied with waste identification stickers, simplifying the sorting process and enhancing the overall organisation of your recycling efforts.

With a generous bin capacity of 65 litres, you can confidently manage your waste while maintaining a clean and eco-friendly environment.

Choose a smarter, more organised approach to recycling in the hospitality industry. Choose our Slim Recycling Bins & Lids – the perfect blend of practicality, mobility, and capacity for a greener and more efficient space.