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Beverage and Cooler Glasses

Discover the pinnacle of style and durability with our Beverage and Cooler Glasses, part of the American style Casablanca range.


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These glasses are manufactured from fully toughened material, ensuring resilience across the entire body and making them resilient to impact damage at every turn.

The Casablanca Range draws inspiration from classic American styling, offering you the key to capturing the timeless charm of the American Diner look – a favoured aesthetic within the hospitality industry.

Casablanca doesn't just prioritize style; it champions practicality. Fashioned from Fully Toughened glass, these glasses are designed for everyday use. The comprehensive reinforcement guarantees resistance to impact damage, transforming every sip into a carefree experience.

Safety is at the forefront with Casablanca. In the rare event of breakage, Toughened glass fractures into small, harmless fragments, eradicating the risk of serious lacerations. This makes Casablanca the savvy choice for establishments following license stipulations or prioritising safety to prevent glass-related incidents.

Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of style, strength, and safety with Casablanca Beverage and Cooler Glasses – where durability seamlessly meets design.