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Mops, Buckets & Squeegees

A range of Mops, Buckets & Squeegees designed for use in the hospitality industry.


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Explore our collection of essential tools designed for the demands of the hospitality industry – Mops, Buckets, and Squeegees that redefine cleanliness and convenience.

Step into a new era of cleaning efficiency with our expertly designed Mops. Made to tackle the toughest spills and stains, these innovative cleaning companions are here to upgrade your cleaning routines.

Whether you're mopping the floors or transporting liquids, our Buckets are designed to meet the high standards of the hospitality sector.

Our Squeegees are perfect for maintaining spotless surfaces, these tools are designed to streamline your cleaning process, ensuring a pristine environment for your guests.

Improve your cleaning standards with our practical solutions. Browse our selection of Cleaning Products – where functionality is key for the demands of the hospitality industry.