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New ways to pay

We at JC Catering & Bar Supplies are pleased to announce two new ways to pay for your purchases on our web store.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the easiest and most secure way to pay on in Safari.

Apple Pay is the easiest and most secure way to pay on our site. Simply buy with Apple Pay and complete your purchase without the need to add to a cart or fill out a form.

Need to set up Apple Pay? Just open the Wallet app on your iPhone and tap “+” to get started.

When you purchase with Apple Pay, you can easily access detailed receipt and tracking information directly in Wallet on your iPhone. It‘s order tracking made simple.

Google Pay

Google Pay enables quicker, safer checkout on

Google Pay enables a faster, more convenient shopping experience across all the devices our customers already use.

It’s free of charge, and our customers won’t be charged a thing when a purchase is made.

Google securely stores payment information and only shares what’s needed for each transaction — reducing risk and exposure to fraud.

Enhanced security and identity controls means Google Pay transactions are rejected less frequently than card only transactions.

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