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Thimble Measures

Thimble measures are a simple way to accurately measure a spirit or wine serve.

Manufactured in the UK from high grade stainless steel.

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Accurately Measure Your Drinks

When it comes to creating the perfect cocktail, precision matters. That's where our Measures come into play.

Designed with bartenders and mixologists in mind, our Thimble Measures are the perfect tools for accurately measuring your spirits, ensuring each pour is just right.

Manufactured in the UK

Our Measures are proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom using high-grade stainless steel. This commitment to quality means you can trust in the durability and accuracy of our product.

Designed to stand the test of time, our Stainless Steel Measures are a reliable addition to any bartender's toolkit.

Why Choose A Thimble Measure?

  • Precision at Your Fingertips: Achieve the perfect pour every time with our meticulously calibrated thimble measures.
  • Durability: Made from top-quality stainless steel, our Measures are built to last, even in the busiest bar environments.
  • Sleek and Stylish: The minimalist design of our Stainless Steel Measures adds a touch of elegance to your bar setup.
  • Easy to Clean: Keep your barware looking its best with easy-to-maintain stainless steel construction.
  • Versatile: Suitable for both professional bartenders and home enthusiasts, to ensure consistency in every drink you create.

Upgrade your mixology game with our Measures and ensure that every drink you make is correctly measured.

Discover the precision and quality that only our UK-manufactured Thimble Measures can offer.