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Chopping Boards

Chopping Boards  or Cutting Boards help your kitchen to stay hygienic and remove possible cross contamination during food preparation.


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Welcome to JC catering & Bar Supplies Ltd, where excellence meets functionality in the heart of your kitchen! Improve your culinary experience with our premium Chopping Boards, designed exclusively for the dynamic demands of the hospitality industry.

Unleash Culinary Precision: Manufactured with precision and passion, our Cutting Boards are more than just kitchen essentials; they're your trusted partners in creating culinary masterpieces. Whether you're dicing, slicing, or chopping, our boards provide the perfect surface for every task, ensuring a seamless and efficient kitchen workflow.

Unrivalled Hygiene Standards: Say goodbye to cross-contamination worries! Our Chopping Boards are designed to meet the highest hygiene standards, keeping your kitchen pristine and your customers safe. With a focus on quality materials and impeccable design, we bring you a range of boards that not only meet but exceed industry expectations.

Built to Last: Invest in durability. Our Cutting Boards are built to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen environment. From high-traffic restaurants to cosy cafes, our boards are designed to endure the demands of professional chefs, ensuring longevity without compromising quality.

Discover Your Perfect Board: Browse our collection and find the perfect Chopping Board that aligns with your kitchen's unique needs and style. Whether you prefer the classic appeal of wood or the modern edge of composite materials, we have the board that suits your taste.

Transform your kitchen into a haven of culinary excellence with JC catering & Bar Supplies Ltd's Cutting Boards. Experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and hygiene.