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Entrance & Kitchen Mats

Entrance & Kitchen Mats featuring anti-slip bases to keep mats in place.

Helps to keep floors clean by minimising dirt brought in. Durable & hardwearing mats to protect flooring.


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Welcome to the Gateway of Cleanliness for the Hospitality Industry!

Introducing our specialised collection of Entrance & Kitchen Mats, especially designed to revolutionise the way you maintain your venue.

These mats go beyond the mundane – they are the unsung heroes ensuring cleanliness without compromise.

Anti-Slip Mastery:

Our mats feature cutting-edge anti-slip bases, anchoring themselves firmly to the ground. No more slipping and sliding – just steadfast reliability.

The First Line of Defence:

Keep unwanted dirt and debris at bay with our Entrance Mats. They're not just mats; they're guardians of cleanliness, ensuring your floors stay pristine with every visitor.

Tough as Nails:

Our Kitchen Mats are made with durability in mind. Hardwearing and resilient, they form an impenetrable shield against spills and heavy traffic, preserving the integrity of your flooring.

For the Hustle, Not the Hassle:

We understand that in the world of hospitality, practicality reigns supreme. Our mats are your silent partners, tackling the mess so you can focus on what truly matters – serving your guests with excellence.

Effortless Maintenance:

Cleaning up should be a breeze. Our mats are low-maintenance champions, ready to face the challenges of a bustling kitchen or a busy entrance without breaking a sweat.

Raise your standards without compromising on practicality. Our products are not just accessories; they are essential tools for a seamless, spotless hospitality experience.

Discover the difference – choose mats that work as hard as you do. Welcome to a new era of cleanliness and efficiency. Welcome to JC Catering & Bar Supplies Ltd.