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Ladles & Spoodles

Ladles & Spoodles ensure accurate portion control. Producing accurate servings helps you plate consistent portions of food, preventing wastage to reduce costs in your kitchen.

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At JC Catering & Bar Supplies Ltd, we provide the right tools to help with portion control to improve your culinary service. Our well designed Ladles and Spoodles are your trusted allies in the kitchen, ensuring that every dish you serve is a masterpiece of precision and consistency.

Accurate Portion Control for Culinary Excellence: Our Ladles & Spoodles are designed with precision in mind. We understand the importance of accurate portion control in the culinary world. By using our utensils, you empower your kitchen to plate consistent servings, minimising wastage, and ultimately reducing costs.

Color-Coded Innovation: Introducing the Spoodle – not just a utensil, but a revolutionary tool in your kitchen arsenal. Our Spoodles come colour-coded, making it a breeze for your staff to quickly identify the right size for any task. No more guessing games, just efficient and organised workflow.

Comfort Meets Accuracy: The Spoodle isn't just about precision; it's also about comfort. Boasting a clever thumb grip and ergonomic design, our Spoodles feature a comfortable handle, allowing you to serve with unparalleled accuracy. Your kitchen staff will appreciate the ease and efficiency our Spoodles bring to their daily tasks.

Explore Culinary Possibilities: With our Ladles & Spoodles, you're not just buying utensils; you're investing in the potential of your kitchen. Explore the endless culinary possibilities that come with reliable portion control and innovative design. Improve your dishes, streamline your operations, and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Join the ranks of culinary professionals who use Ladles & Spoodles for precision, efficiency, and a touch of innovation. Upgrade your kitchen tools and experience the difference today!