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Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail Glasses that are versatile and practical. Our range of speciality cocktail glasses is comprehensive, affordable and attractive.

Cocktail Glasses are perfect for serving a multitude of beverages.


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Types of Cocktail Glass

There are various types of Cocktail Glasses, each designed to complement specific types of cocktails and enhance the overall drinking experience. Here are some common types:

  1. Martini Glass:
    • Iconic for serving Martinis, these glasses have a wide, shallow bowl with a long stem. The design helps prevent the ingredients from separating and allows for easy stirring or shaking.
  2. Old Fashioned (Rocks) Glass:
    • A short, sturdy glass, often used for Cocktails served over ice, such as an Old Fashioned. It has a wide mouth, allowing room for muddling and garnishes.
  3. Highball Glass:
    • Tall and slim, the highball glass is ideal for cocktails with a larger volume of mixer, such as a Highball or Collins. Commonly used for drinks like the Mojito or Tom Collins.
  4. Lowball Glass (or Tumbler):
    • Similar to the Rocks Glass, but shorter and wider. Used for serving Cocktails like the Whiskey Sour or for drinks served “on the rocks.”
  5. Collins Glass:
    • Tall and narrow, the Collins Glass is used for drinks like the Tom Collins or any mixed drink with a larger volume of non-alcoholic mixer.
  6. Margarita Glass:
    • Characterised by a wide, shallow bowl and a long stem. Perfect for serving Margaritas or other tropical cocktails.
  7. Hurricane Glass:
    • Tall and curvy, this glass is often used for tropical and fruity drinks, like the Hurricane cocktail. Its unique shape adds a festive touch.
  8. Nick and Nora Glass:
    • A smaller, stemmed glass similar to a coupe but with a slightly wider bowl. Ideal for serving “up” cocktails like Martinis.
  9. Coupé Glass:
    • A shallow, broad-bowled glass with a short stem. Commonly used for serving cocktails without ice, such as Manhattans or Daiquiris.
  10. Pilsner Glass:
    • Typically used for beer but also suitable for certain beer-based cocktails like a shandy. It has a slender, tapered shape.
  11. Shot Glass:
    • Small, thick-bottomed glass used for serving straight shots of spirits or for preparing layered shots and shooters.
  12. Punch Bowl and Punch Cups:
    • For serving large batches of punch, the punch bowl is accompanied by smaller cups. Ideal for social gatherings.

Choosing the right glass for your cocktail is not only about aesthetics but also about enhancing the flavours and aromas of the drink. The shape of the glass can influence how the ingredients mix and how the drink is experienced.