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SOS Paper Carrier Bags

SOS Paper Carrier Bags available in small, medium & large, in white or Kraft (brown).


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Explore our eco-conscious Carrier Paper Bags with flat handles, designed for businesses dedicated to environmentally friendly practices.

These bags boast the time-tested self-opening square (SOS) configuration, streamlining your packing process with effortless efficiency.

The bottom's gusseted design not only expands storage capacity but also ensures stability during transport.

Manufactured from materials that embrace biodegradability and recyclability, our Carrier Paper Bags champion environmental sustainability.

They go beyond being just recyclable; these bags are compostable, actively reducing waste and encouraging responsible disposal.

By opting for these bags, businesses make a conscious choice to support a healthier planet and minimise their ecological impact.

Join the movement towards sustainability without sacrificing practicality.

Our SOS Paper Bags, equipped with flat handles, offer a packaging solution that resonates with your business values.

Make a choice that not only aligns with your brand but also contributes to a brighter, greener future.