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Buffet Serving Utensils

A comprehensive range of Buffet Serving Utensils, covering all of the requirements of the chef and professional caterer.

Ranges have been developed with chefs, and are fit for purpose in a professional kitchen environment.

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Our Buffet Serving Utensils collection is designed to make serving your guests a breeze. Designed in collaboration with seasoned chefs and catering professionals, each utensil is an embodiment of precision, innovation, and functionality.

Ladles: Pour your delicious soups and sauces with our Buffet Serving Ladles. Whether delicately drizzling sauces or serving hearty soups, these ladles add a touch of elegance to every culinary creation.

Lifters: Handle your culinary masterpieces with finesse using our adept lifters. From sizzling entrees to delicate appetizers, these utensils ensure that every dish is presented with precision and style.

Serving Spoons: Improve your buffet service with our serving spoons that are practical and easy to use. Perfect for salads, side dishes, and main courses, these spoons are designed to enhance the dining experience.

Tongs: Experience the delicate balance of control and presentation with our versatile tongs. From securing and serving hors d'oeuvres to arranging delicate desserts, these tongs are the epitome of culinary finesse.

Cake Slice: Slice through sweetness with ease using our  cake slice. Whether serving decadent cakes or intricate pastries, this utensil ensures that each dessert is presented with precision and style.

Slotted Spoons: Allow the true flavours of your dishes to shine through with our slotted spoons. Ideal for serving vegetables, pasta, or any dish that needs to be removed from liquid.