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Elite Remedy 20oz Tall Clear CE Nucleated (box of 24)

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Carton Quantity : 24
Manufactured In : UK
Material : Polycarbonate
Strength : Virtually unbreakable
Glass Washer Safe : Yes
Life Span : 500 Cycles (up to)
Top Width : 92mm
Bottom Width : 60mm
Overall Height : 170mm
Weight : 215g
Capacity : 568ml/56.8cl/20oz
CE Marked : Pint to Brim
Colour : Clear
Colour Options : N/A
Printable : Yes
Reusable : Yes
Recyclable : Yes
Size Options : 10oz

Elite Remedy 20oz Tall Clear CE Nucleated Glasses are suitable for a wide range of leisure venues. Polycarbonate glasses are a safe alternative to ordinary glasses, and these 20oz Remedy Polycarbonate Glasses are a popular item across the leisure industry. They are available in boxes of 24.

This JCBBS range of products is manufactured from polycarbonate material. The material is Food & Drug approved and conforms to the Materials and articles in Contact with Food (England) Regulations 2012 including (EU) No 10/2011.

It has superior strength over other plastic materials and therefore the products are virtually unbreakable.

The manufacturer has tested the products in glass-washers with a standard solution in excess of 500 cycles with no noticeable visual detraction.