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Terrine & Preserving Jars

Terrine & Preserving Jars to keep contents fresh and protected with our preserve jars.

Our Terrine jars have an air tight seal which is great for keeping contents fresher for longer and therefore reducing your levels of waste.

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In the catering industry, terrines and preserving jars play crucial roles in food preparation, presentation, and preservation.

Terrines in Catering:

  1. Versatile Presentations: Terrines allow chefs to create visually appealing layered dishes, combining different ingredients to showcase their culinary skills.
  2. Make-Ahead Convenience: Terrines can be prepared in advance, making them a convenient choice for catering events where efficient preparation and time management are essential.

Preserving Jars in Catering:

  1. Preserving Freshness: Caterers often use preserving jars to store and transport various items, such as salads, dressings, or condiments, while maintaining their freshness.
  2. Jams and Chutneys: Preserving jars are perfect for serving and packaging house-made jams, chutneys, and sauces, adding a personal touch to the catering menu.
  3. Pickled Delights: Chefs can showcase pickled vegetables or fruits in preserving jars, providing a unique and flavour packed element to the catering spread.