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Pedal, Bullet & Dust Bins

Introducing our Pedal, Bullet, and Dust Bins – a line up of practical solutions designed for the demands of the hospitality industry. Say goodbye to traditional waste management and embrace efficiency with our innovative Bins.


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Step into a hands-free waste disposal experience with our Pedal Bins. Featuring a foot pedal, these bins offer a hygienic solution for your hospitality space.

Choose between the durable polypropylene or the sleek stainless steel options, tailored to meet both functionality and aesthetic preferences.

Experience the sleek style of our Bullet Bins. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your space, these bins combine style with practicality. Manufactured with precision, they are not just waste containers but an extension of your hospitality environment.

For a mess-free and tidy ambience, explore our Dust Bins. Large enough to handle various waste types, these bins are an essential addition to your cleaning arsenal. Easy to use and even easier to maintain, they ensure that your hospitality space remains spotlessly clean.

Upgrade your waste management game with our range of practical bins – a fusion of functionality, style, and durability. Choose excellence, choose our Pedal, Bullet, and Dust Bins for a cleaner, more efficient hospitality environment.