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Searching our site

There are two types of searches that can be performed on the JC Catering & Bar Supplies website. The first one is a category search and the second is a product search.

Enter your search term into the Search bar. In this instance we have used the term: Hendi. This is a category and also a range of products that contain Hendi in the title.

Searching for the word Hendi
Search term: Hendi

Once you have typed in your search term DO NOT hit the return key. The search tool will display a list of options. In the image below you can see there is a category listed and 7 products, in relation to the search term Hendi.

Image detailing the category and product list
Image detailing the category and product list

Use your mouse to hover over the required term and left click to be taken to that page. In the image below the phrase used was Hendi Induction Hob.

SKU / Product Code

SKU (pronounced “skew”), short for stock keeping unit, is used by retailers to identify and track its inventory, or stock. A SKU is a unique code consisting of letters and numbers that identify characteristics about each product. If you are contacting the sales team to order via email or to ask for a quote please use the product title and / or SKU. See image below:

Image detailing SKU and Minimum Order Quantity.

Minimum Order Quantity

All items on the website are subject to a Minimum Order Quantity or MOQ. For larger items the MOQ will be 1, whilst for crockery it may be 6 or 12. The MOQ can be found just above the SKU, see image above. When ordering online the website will automatically calculate the MOQ.


Some product pages contain barcodes. The greater majority of all retail barcode numbers used in the UK are EAN-13 format barcodes. These are 13-digit numbers that all come from an international database. The barcodes on our website are NOT our own codes but are supplied by the manufacturers. When emailing our sales team for a quote please DO NOT use the Barcode on the product page. ALWAYS use the SKU and / or product title.

Image detailing Barcode
Image detailing Barcode
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