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Catering – Safe Food Temperatures

Selecting the correct thermometer for food service applications is very important in order to achieve maximum accuracy and repeatability of temperature.

The selection criteria for a digital thermometer should include:

  • Measurement range
  • Resolution of the reading 1°C, 0.1°C or 0.01°C
  • Desired Accuracy
  • Response time
  • Extra features such as max/min, hold and backlight

We offer a range of Food Check Thermometers and Gourmet Thermometers that are ideal for busy restaurants, cafes, bars and food outlets where food safety is essential.

Gourmet Thermometer
Gourmet Thermometer
Food Check Thermometer
Food Check Thermometer

Fridge & Freezer Temperatures

Keeping fridges and freezers at the correct temperature is critical to ensure good food safety during storage.

Food should be stored in a fridge between 1°C and 5°C to allow a margin of error below the legal standard of 8°C.

Food stored in a freezer should be regularly rotated and stored below -18°C as bacteria will not grow below this temperature.

Safe Food Temperatures

To prevent food poisoning, it is essential to kill bacteria. Most bacteria are killed quickly between 75°C and 100°C. The danger zone is between 8°C and 63°C where bacteria will grow rapidly. Therefore it is important when microwaving food that there are no cold spots in the food. Likewise when reheating food or sauces that the food is heated above 75°C.

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