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Tenderisers, Mashers & Press

Tenderisers, Mashers & Press for use in busy, commercial kitchens.


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At JC Catering & Bar Supplies Ltd we supply products to bring efficiency to the heart of bustling, commercial kitchens. Raise your culinary prowess with our well chosen selection of Tenderisers, Mashers & Press, all designed to streamline your kitchen operations.

Unleash the full potential of flavour with our premium Meat Tenderisers, ensuring every cut of meat is a masterpiece of tenderness. Manufactured with precision and durability, our Tenderisers are the secret weapon in achieving culinary perfection.

Savour the essence of garlic in every dish with our Garlic Press, designed for chefs who understand the importance of fresh ingredients. Effortlessly extract the rich flavours of garlic, adding a touch of aromatic excellence to your creations.

For the grill virtuosos, our Steak Weight is a game-changer. Achieve the perfect sear and evenly cooked steaks every time, as the weight ensures maximum contact between meat and grill, leaving your customers with an unforgettable dining experience.

Mash and mix with ease using our Potato Mashers, designed for smooth and lump-free results. From velvety mashed potatoes to creamy vegetable blends, our Mashers guarantee consistency and excellence with every use.

At JC Catering & Bar Supplies Ltd, we understand the demands of a fast-paced kitchen, and our Tenderisers, Mashers & Press are tailored to meet those demands head-on. Upgrade your kitchen arsenal with tools that not only enhance efficiency but also raise the artistry of your culinary creations.