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Colour Coded GN Storage Containers

Colour Coded GN Storage Containers are a great addition to any busy commercial environment.

Made from translucent Polypropylene material, the storage containers are fully airtight ensuring food stays fresher for longer and safe from contamination.


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Upgrade your commercial kitchen space with the innovative and practical solution that is Colour Coded GN Storage Containers.

Designed to streamline efficiency in any bustling catering environment, these containers redefine the way you organise, store, and access your goods.

Manufactured from premium translucent Polypropylene material, our containers not only provide a clear view of their contents but also boast airtight seals.

Bid farewell to the worries of food freshness and contamination – our containers keep your ingredients as fresh as the moment you stored them.

But we don't stop at freshness; we start with it. The colour-coded options ensures an intuitive and seamless organisation system.

No more searching or guessing – just grab the right container at a glance. From kitchen essentials to specialty ingredients, our GN sizing is tailored to meet the diverse needs of your commercial space.

Experience the ease of use, durability, and hygiene that our  Storage Containers bring to your daily operations. Your kitchen deserves the best – make the smart choice and transform your storage game today!