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Allergen GN Storage Containers

Allergen GN Storage Containers are air-tight and ideal for safe storage of food in an organised manner

Each container denotes the most common allergens which should not be stored within these boxes.

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In the dynamic world of culinary excellence, safety and organisation take centre stage, and our Allergen Storage Containers are your perfect products for a busy catering environment.

These Containers redefine the standards of safe storage with their airtight design, creating a secure haven for your perishables.

But we go beyond mere preservation – each container is a designed to aid allergen awareness in a busy kitchen.

Designed to keep your kitchen free from potential risks, every container is labelled to denote the most common allergens that should never be stored in these boxes.

Equipped with a set of four color-coded clips, our containers make identification a breeze. No more second-guessing or mixing up ingredients.

We believe in simplifying your kitchen routine, and our permanent wipe-clean labels ensure easy identification of contents, promoting a seamless and efficient food rotation process.

Every Allergen GN Storage Container is a complete package, featuring a snug-fitting lid to lock in freshness and maintain the integrity of your ingredients. Improve your kitchen practices with a touch of innovation and a commitment to safety.

In a busy commercial kitchen every detail matters. Invest in Allergen GN Storage Containers and usher in a new era of secure, organised, and allergen-conscious food storage. Your culinary creations, and your guests, deserve the best – make the switch today.