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Stainless Steel Oval Dishes

Stainless Steel Oval Dishes made from 18/0 stainless steel which provides good resistance to staining & maintains an excellent finish.


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Our Stainless Steel Dishes come in a variety of sizes, and they serve various purposes in the catering industry. Here are some common uses for Stainless Steel Dishes:

Serving Platter:

Oval dishes are often used as serving platters for presenting dishes like roasts, grilled vegetables, or appetisers in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Baking and Roasting:

They can be used for baking or roasting dishes in the oven, as their shape allows for even cooking and efficient use of space.

Salad Bowl:

Larger oval dishes can double as salad bowls, providing an elegant way to serve salads during meals or gatherings.


These dishes are suitable for marinating meats or vegetables before cooking, as the Stainless Steel material is non-reactive and won't impart any unwanted flavours to the food.

Food Display:

Oval dishes can be used to showcase a variety of foods, from appetisers to desserts, making them a versatile choice for buffets or dinner parties.