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Greaseproof Paper & Bags

Greaseproof paper & bags in a wide range of designs to choose from for all table styles.

Use them to line buckets, boards, baskets & trays to prolong the life of the products.

The presentation bags are ideal for presenting sides and for lining buckets, tubs and serving cones.


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Embrace the practical uses of our Grease-Resistant Paper and Bags collection. Say goodbye to the ordinary with our diverse range of designs tailored for every table setting imaginable.

Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary by utilising these versatile Papers and Bags. Whether you're looking to line buckets, boards, baskets, or trays, our products are here to elevate your presentation game.

Extend the life of your goods easily by choosing our grease-resistant solutions. Practicality meets style as you discover the perfect balance of functionality and looks.

Our Greaseproof Paper and Bags aren't just for show—they're your go-to choice for presenting sides and adding that touch of sophistication to buckets, tubs, and serving cones.

What sets JC Catering & Bar Supplies Ltd Apart?

Our commitment to the environment. Embrace sustainability with our compostable, recyclable, and FSC certified products.

Join us in making a positive impact without compromising on quality or style. Upgrade your choices with our eco-friendly, grease-resistant solutions today.