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Vacuum & Push Button Jugs

Vacuum pots & push button jugs are unbreakable & provide excellent heat retention, making them ideal for conferencing, meetings and corporate events.

The push-button mechanism allows you to pour the liquid easily without having to unscrew the lid or remove the top.

When you press the button, the liquid flows out, and when you release the button, it stops. This design is convenient for quick and controlled pouring.

In some cases, you might find vacuum jugs that also feature a push-button mechanism for pouring, combining the benefits of vacuum insulation with easy dispensing.


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Push Button Jugs or dispensers are commonly used in the hospitality industry for serving beverages like coffee, tea, or water.

They offer a convenient and controlled way to pour drinks, reducing the risk of spills and providing a more efficient serving process in settings like hotels, restaurants, or conference rooms.

This helps in maintaining a polished and professional atmosphere while also enhancing the overall guest experience.