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Pump Pots

Pump Pots and Vacuum Jugs provide excellent heat retention, making them ideal for conferencing, meetings and corporate events.

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Pump Pots, commonly known as Airpots or thermal dispensers, are containers used to keep beverages, such as coffee or hot water, at a consistent temperature for an extended period.

These pots typically consist of a vacuum-insulated stainless steel container with a pump mechanism for dispensing drinks.

In the hospitality industry, Airpots play a crucial role in providing hot beverages to guests efficiently. Here's how they are used:

  1. Temperature Maintenance: They are designed to keep liquids hot for an extended period without the need for a heat source. The vacuum insulation helps retain the temperature of the beverage, ensuring that it stays warm for several hours.
  2. Dispensing Mechanism: The pump mechanism allows controlled dispensing of the drink without exposing the entire content to the surrounding air. This is especially important for maintaining the freshness and temperature of the beverage.
  3. Self-Service Stations: In hotels, restaurants, or catering services, these pots are often used at self-service beverage stations. Guests can easily dispense their desired amount of hot beverage without the need for assistance from staff.
  4. Meeting and Conference Rooms: Vacuum Pots are commonly used in meeting and conference rooms where a continuous supply of hot beverages is required. They offer a convenient way to serve coffee or hot water to a group of people without the need for constant refilling.
  5. Catering Events: During catering events or large gatherings, Pump Pots are employed to serve hot beverages efficiently. They are portable and easy to transport, making them suitable for off-site catering.